We are a  mexican company  created  in  1983.
Our main objective  in  the beginning  was the production of Paradichlorobenzene for the national market taking advantage of the  requirement opportunities  from the national  industry  of  deodorant  blocks  for   cleaning products market.
Nevertheless since 1999, we began our conversion  process to become an integrated  Chemical  Company.
We understood that we had  to take as a commitment the innovation in our  operation  and administrative structure  Systems  with the main  mission of satisfying  in a permanent way  to our customers  with the best products and services.
Our commercial vision,  vanguard technology  and the diversification in our products, are strategies that have helped us to take advantage of the opportunities from the National and the International Market.  They have allowed us  a growth maintained  for the last  20 years  to consolidate us  as  a   leader company in the production of  the  chlorobenzenes.
We maintain  commercial relations with customers located in the USA, Brasil, England, Indonesia and Australia.
W e supply to them   products which meet  International Quality Specifications  and We are proud about  satisfying any requeriment  from  Multinational  and  World  Class Companies.
Our lines of production are made up of integrated processes that allow us to offer products to  a fair  and competitive prices.
We participate in  the International Market with 50 % of our production  and with the same percentage in the Mexican Market.
We are dedicated to produce 1,2,4 Trichlorobenzene,  Monochlorobenzene, Technical  and Purified  Orthodichlorobenzene, Technical  Trichlorobenzene, Paradichlorobenzene  and  other derivated  products


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